What People Say About Tiziana Perinotti

Rob Nilsson

Sundance and Cannes Award Winning Director

"Tiziana, you were bold, raw and volcanic"
~ from the movie "Fourth Movement",
​Tiziana Perinotti in the lead role of Valentina

Daniel Kremer

Film Maker

What can you say about someone like Tiziana Perinotti? Well, for one thing, she's absolutely brilliant! She gave an insanely wonderful performance last night in my latest feature film project "Overwhelm the Sky"

As I said in a recent interview, this film feels like it changes every week. One week, it's a straight-up thriller. Other weeks, it can either be Antonioni or Cassavetes. As my cinematographer Aaron Hollander observed, last night "felt the most like Fellini." I can see that. And, for a fleeting moment, the film turns into a musical, with Tiziana giving her all in a show-stopping number.
Feels great to be working and creating, especially with such great people! Welcome to our cast, Miss T!"  ~ from the movie "Overwhelm the Sky", Tiziana Perinotti as Daria.

Alejandro Torres

Theatre Director, Projected Voyages, San Francisco, California, USA

Thank you always for your energy, kindness, talent, and smile in the rehearsal process and performances.
Always a pleasure to work with you my dear. Keep up the passion!

Mathew Shelton

Director, Shelton Theater, San Francisco, California, USA

About "Love Junkies The Musical", thank you for an amazing night at the Shelton Theatre!
All attendees thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
I first wanted to congratulate you on such an ambitious courageous work.
Clearly you are a fine actor.
Most people dream of writing, acting, directing, and producing and you are doing it.

It is incredibly difficult to do it with little to no money involved. So difficult but your passion will not be stopped and you managed to create this show many times in San Francisco.  
Congratulations girl you've done great.

David, Beach Blanket Babylon Theatre, San Francisco

​"You are so very impressive...I watched a couple of your pieces on YouTube and also "Imagine". Nice work, good production, just cool stuff, I love your voice, you are an amazing full artist, I will buy the iTunes version"

​​Comments from the audience of "Love Junkies The Musical"
"The story is really good, the dance scenes were terrific, and the acting was very believable. Congrats all around! It was an amazing, comedic, and light-hearted way to approach such a heavy subject, Love." ~Pierre Garnier, Graphic Designer

"It was really beautifully executed...so proud of you and the whole cast" 
~Jaime Soltys, actor, musician

"You inspire all of us!!" ~Lauren LeBeouff, actress

"It was a pleasure to be at A.C.T. and watch Love Junkies The Musical. Thank you for one-of-kind full of passion performance." ~Iryna Khorkova

Comments about "Imagine"
"I love this. I can imagine a world like this too. Wouldn't it be wonderful!"
~Jean Puhlman

Complimenti per il lavoro svolto...Very beautiful Tiziana! I enjoyed it tremendously." ~Warren Beer

"Beautiful" ~Chris Schultz, dancer

"Great job. A fun and thoughtful piece of art." ~Pierre Granier

"That's great dancing!" ~Neeraj, dance instructor

"Such a great fusion of dance, music, and spoken word! Bravi! :D" ~AAron Marks

"An authentic voice for today and all days" ~Jordana del Feld, artist

"I am sure that so much love, care, creative consultation and collaboration went into this lovely human kaleidoscope of dance and lovely thoughts ! congratulations on your work." ~Shephen Ader

"This lady has found one of the keys to helping humanity progress to how we should be living our lives. I love this video. In due time we will get there :-)"
~Kent Brooks

"Wow I loved it! The video and the song are great! Fantastic lyrics, the song and video are so positive and inspiring! Great work :)" ~Charley Hasenbeck 

"Wow! What an amazing video! I absolutely love it, so creative and I love how you used all your art forms. This is a dream I share as well" ~Dan

"I watched some of the videoson your channel. You are awesome and talented" ~Joseph